12 Aftercare Tips for Caring For Your Lash Extensions

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12 Aftercare Tips for Caring For Your Lash Extensions

New set of lash extensions? Congrats! We bet you look utterly gorgeous. Lashes truly say so many words with one little flutter, wink or blink. Lash extensions mean no more mascara, no more extensive morning makeup—no more incomplete “look.” Just wake up and be beautiful!

Get our best aftercare tips for caring for your lash extensions the right way which will help them last longer and stay beautiful! Lash extensions are a worthy investment, so it’s important you keep good care of those babies. 

12 Tips for Long-Lasting Lash Extensions

1. Go easy! Don’t rub or pull on your eyelash extensions for any reason!

If you do this, you are likely to pull some out or, put oil on your lash line from your fingers, which can dissolve the glue and loosen your extensions.

2. Keep your lash extensions dry for 24 hours after your appointment, BUT this doesn’t mean never washing your lashes! (See tip #3) This also however, means avoiding sweating—like a workout post-lash extensions. This means no swimming, no hot tubs and avoid heat, too! 

3. Wash those lashes! 

If you don’t, your eyelids can get infected or worse, get mites (disgusting). Use gentle soap and take it to form a lather in your hands with water. After that, just splash your lashes gently. Please—don’t rub!

4. Oil-based products are not your lash extension’s friend, so don’t use oil-based makeup removers or oil-based moisturizers or face washes. Just DON’T! Oil breaks down the lash adhesion…

5. Retire any cotton balls you’ve got, because cotton and lash extensions don’t mix. Use a washcloth or gentle sponge when cleaning your face and eyes.

6. After washing your lashes, use a lash spoolie to fan those beautiful extensions out to dry!

7. Avoid direct heat so, be mindful when you’re drying your hair and even when baking or using your oven. The heat can singe your lash extensions so, don’t even take a risk. Maybe someone would be nice enough to cook or bake for you! Wink. This same tip applies for lighting candles!

8. Toss out your eyelash curlers—they will pull out your extensions, and honestly, you shouldn’t even need one!

9. Brush your lashes daily!

10. If you’re using mascara, don’t use waterproof mascara and in truth, you really should only apply the mascara to the ends of your lashes, no matter what type you use.

11. This tip is challenging but … don’t sleep on your face! If you absolutely can’t go without sleeping on your face, expect to be coming back to your lash technician frequently.

Lastly …

12. Be wary of chemical peels or facials because it could be difficult to totally avoid the eye area in this case, and cause issues with your extensions.

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