4 Most Popular Eyelash Extension Styles

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4 Most Popular Eyelash Extension Styles

Getting extensions? Congrats! Welcome to the club. Lash extensions are one of the best beauty investments to make! Your face is “done” upon waking up—no eye makeup needed anymore.

Of course, the most exciting thing about getting eyelash extensions is picking out which style to go for! The four most popular eyelash extension styles are cat-eye, doll, natural or staggered. You’ll choose a style based on your eye shape and also, style preference. Here’s the 411 on these lash styles so you can choose the option that best fits your lovely face:

First, What Is Your Eye-Shape?

The most common eye shapes are: almond, close-set, wide-set down-turned, round, monolid or eyes that protrude. 

  • Almond shape: Can wear any extension style
  • Close-set: Cat-eye is best
  • Wide-set: Doll works just lovely
  • Round: Cat-eye once again
  • Down-turned: Try the cat-eye
  • Monolid: Try a mix of cat-eye and doll
  • Protruding: Cat-eye is best

Second, About The Lash Extension Styles:

1. Cat-Eye

This lash style is best suited for women who have good outer lashes or round or close-set eyes because it will help your eyes appear more widely set.

A technician will apply the longest lash extensions on the outside corner of your eyes to give your eye a cat-like shape.

Don’t go for this style if your eyes are extremely wide-set already or, your eyes happen to turn downward as it will make your eyes drag downward. 

2. Doll

This lash style is best for women with wide-set or downturned eyes to help open up those babies! However, the doll style is also really good for many eye shapes, so if this is your preference, go for it!

This particular extension style puts longer lashes on the middle of your eye and lash line. It will help open your eyes up to make them larger, or doll-like. 

Don’t go for this look if your eyes protrude or you have very round-eyes. You will end up looking constantly surprised.

3. Natural

This extension style is good for anyone and everyone! It simply just follows the lash line you have and typically, will have longer lashes towards the 2/3 mark of your lash line. It won’t make your eye shape look drastically different. Truly, this style is a great daily look for ladies who want better lashes without having a more dramatic look.

4. Staggered

This extension style is best for ladies who already have fairly dense lashes. 

A technician will apply a combination of long and short lashes for this look, staggering in what seems like spikes of lashes on your lash line. This look will create a lot of volume in your lashes!

Don’t do this if your lashes are fine as it will end up appearing messy.

Lastly—Things to Keep in Mind

Make sure before selecting your style that you keep in mind both eye shape and space—some may have almond-shaped wide set eyes or, almond-shaped close-set eyes for example. This will help you when choosing your extensions. A smart professional lash technician will also give you his or her opinion when picking your look—so don’t forget to ask the professional to weigh in!

And before you get your lashes be sure to check out our mega guide to lash extensions

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