4 Reasons to Reduce Your Daily Stress

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4 Reasons to Reduce Your Daily Stress (With How To’s!)

There is nothing uglier than the feeling and look of stress! If you’ve never seen it on your face, well, bless your heart! Stress is the reason you frown, make forehead wrinkles, breakout and look generally, unhappy. It truly shows on our face and presents itself as health issues within our bodies.  In other words, it’s one awful SOB! If you’ve got intense daily stress, you need to consider the daily and also, overall effects this stress has on your life. These reasons to reduce your daily stress will get you motivated to make a change.

Impacts Your Daily Outlook

When you are incredibly stressed, you see things through a very dark glass. Things seem less hopeful and less “possible.” You are constantly viewing the world through the looking glass or goggles of stress.

Reducing your overall stress or response to it will help you see things in a rosier light. The daily wear and tear of seeing things through such a dark cloud will weigh on your relationships and health!

Affects Your Health

That breakout you have? Possibly thanks to stress. Your stomach aches and headaches? Also potentially linked to stress.

When you don’t manage your stress, it manages you.

Consider it a poison—you wouldn’t drink it in willingly if you knew how much it would impact your overall health. Not to mention, if you already have health issues, stress will only make them worse.

Gets in the Way of Your Relationships

It’s hard to be the best person, parent, employee or partner you can be when you’re stressed. Your stress will then become others’ stress, more often than not.

The way your stress levels make you feel will impact your behaviors and decisions, trickling down to every relationship you have.

Creates Self-Doubt & Anxiety

When your stress levels are high, your self-doubt will come walking in to hang out with good ol’ stress. Because of the increasing pressure on you, you will start to wonder and second guess a good chunk of your daily decision making. This will make you harder on yourself, unnecessarily so, but still … you’ll be tough on yourself. Not to mention, because of those “stress-colored glasses” you’re wearing, you’ll “see” impending doom and disaster, even if it doesn’t exist. 

There are NUMEROUS ways in which stress impacts your life, but those are the 4 most pivotal reasons why managing your daily stress matters so much! Keeping the positivity in and the negativity out will help keep you beautiful for a lifetime!

Here are 7 ways to reduce your stress:

Bubble Baths

Who doesn’t love a bit of bubbly? An end of the day or heck, midday bubble bath can help you melt the stresses away. Grab a good book, a glass of wine, maybe some chocolate, and voila! Cheaper than a spa day, but just as relaxing.


Meditation is tough when you first start out. You fidget. Every minute feels painful. Being quiet and focusing on the moment is more challenging than it looks, however … it is a habit that will pay off. Meditating will help you reduce your stress and regain your focus.


Not only will it help your posture, balance, strength and flexibility, but it will help you focus throughout the day. Your yoga practice can literally and mentally ground you through a stressful day. Take a virtual or in-person class, or even watch YouTube videos.


If your daily stress is severely impacting you, don’t be shy! Get some help so you can start to feel better again. Many therapists will do phone or virtual sessions as well, if you can’t get into the office.


Moving your body will help you feel better thanks to those feel-good endorphins released when you exercise. Not only will you also be in better shape, but your mind will be in better shape, too. It’s a great outlet for managing stress.

Say No

When your plate is full, learn to say no so as to not add more stress and stuff to your to-do list. Learn to say no, mean no and not feel bad about it! Managing your daily workload is key to being happy!


We all have friends—but do we have the support we need? If you’re having family problems, perhaps join a support group. Got career stress? Seek new connections on LinkedIn or attend webinars to help manage your work stress.

Create a network or safe haven of people you can turn to, no matter what, whatever your situation is.

We all have stress, but the problem becomes when stress has us. Learn to manage your daily stress and take back your life again!

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