5 Things Your Best Friend Will Tell You When No One Else Will

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5 Things Your Best Friend Will Tell You When No One Else Will

There’s nothing like a best friend to tell you things you want to hear—and things you don’t want to
hear! Consider your best friend like a moral compass and also, a voice of reason. While other people are
too afraid to be honest, the best friend is honest like no one’s business. It’s a no holds barred situation.
On the same hand, who will lift you up when you’re being a grouch and a pain in the butt? No one else
besides your best friend OR … your mom, of course!

Here are 5 things your best friend will tell you when no one else will:

That You’re Beautiful, Even When You’re a Mess

When the world is hating on you and you’re having a bad hair day, a serious breakout and a poor choice
of wardrobe?

Your bestie will tell you you’re beautiful, no matter what! When you need that boost or positive dose of
sunshine, your BFF will be there to remind you how wonderful you are, inside and outside. This is what
makes a best friend so special. You can have a day where you feel hideous and he or she will never let
you own those ugly feelings without trying to sprinkle some sugar on your heart and day!

That You’re Out of Line & Need to Quit It

When we’re making bad decisions, our bestie is going to be the first person to say so.

We may not want to always hear what our bestie has to say, but that won’t hold our trusted friend back
from telling us when we’re messing up. Honestly, we all need someone to call us out on our crap.

Someone who is honest with us really cares about us and wants the best for us.

That Your Lashes Need Some Upkeep

See number one to know that, of course when your lashes are on fleek, your best friend is there to “Ooh
and Aah” all over you.

In the same vein, when you’ve been lazy about refills or cleaning and brushing your lashes, your best
friend will be front and center to tell you straight up: See your lash technician.

This is the same friend that will tell you, “No, that dress doesn’t look good,” or “Why did you let the
stylist give you bangs?” without hesitation.

Honesty is your best friend’s policy and sometimes, ouch— it hurts… but it’s needed.

That You Can Do Anything

Do you want to go back to school? Start a new career? Move? Lose weight? Open a business?

Your bestie is there to tell you that you can do anything you set your mind to, no matter what the
objective is. You really are a lucky person when your bestie is by your side, rooting for you. And
truthfully, your bestest friend will be the one to support even your loftiest goals, more than anyone else
on the planet.

That You Deserve Better

Your best friend will be the one to tell you if you deserve better when it comes to love, life and work.
When you’re not reaching your full potential or not being treated as you deserve, you better believe
bestie will be there pointing it out. As you short change yourself in love or perhaps, don’t make the
biggest effort to get something accomplished, bestie will comment that you deserve better, can do
better and know better.

No matter the case, consider your best friend the co-pilot with which you fly the world! When you need
uplift, this person will be there
. When you’re going too fast or too slow, your BFF will be there to pull
you back or kick you in the rear. There’s nothing like a best friend!

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