6 Ways to Bring Out Your Inner Boss Babe, Take More Chances & Be Vulnerable

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6 Ways to Bring Out Your Inner Boss Babe, Take More Chances & Be Vulnerable

In order to own your own life and goals, you’ve got to be in charge. Not your family. Not your friends. Not society. To be the Head B*tch in charge, it takes more than smarts. It means you’ve got to be willing to chance risks and be vulnerable. That’s not as easy as it sounds. For some people, putting themselves out there is painfully hard. Anxiety can keep them from doing things they’ve dreamed of for years, rendering them unhappy and fearful. But if you want to be successful and happy, it’s an absolute must that you take some risks or you’ll have zero rewards! And a boss babe is willing to stick her neck out in order to fight good causes, earn wins and be happy. Here are 5 ways to help bring out your inner boss babe so you can take ownership of your happiness and destiny:

Manage Your Fear

You can’t be a boss b*tch when you’re laden with a ton of fear! Fear will hold you back and have you making poor choices to manage your anxiety. 

If you truly struggle with anxiety, try these things to get your life back:

- Therapy—particularly, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, is helpful for anxiety!

- Meditation—whether you are anxious or not, daily meditation is helpful to manage anxiety and also, great to help you focus throughout the day. Try a meditation app like, Calm

- Exercise-- can help you not only look good, but also feel great mentally. Join a virtual workout, follow exercise support groups online, go for a run or even just hop on a bike for a daily ride!

Believe Anything Is Possible

If you truly believe anything is possible, you will be willing to try hard things and take chances! 

Just believing something can happen can help it to manifest.

Write post-it notes of inspiration and place them around your home. Chant daily mantras while meditating like, “I can do this,” or “I will own my own business.”

Whatever you want to be possible, pretend it is already in existence and work towards the goal as if it’s already happened.

Create Plans for Your Risks

Taking chances doesn’t mean acting impulsively! It means making plans to move towards that chance or risk.

For example, if you want to move to another country or open a business, you wouldn’t just do it in one day! You’d make a plan and gather information first. A smart boss babe manages her fear, believes she can do it and then, plans for her big goals and risks!

Introduce Yourself to New People & Share Your Goals

You never know who could be a good connection or inspiring person for your big dreams! So, share, share and share your goals with new people you meet. Take the initiative to say hello to new people on your daily journey, whether in-person, virtual or even on social media. 

Look around—do some research!—to find some inspiring people, or those who are doing what you would like to do well, to gain feedback and perspective. It can never hurt to send an introductory hello email or start up a conversation to learn how someone became successful as it can help you gain valuable information and learn how to put yourself out there and be vulnerable!

Set Small Achievable Goals

Ladies who want to be an inner boss and see their dreams turn into realities set reasonable small goals on a daily basis! This will not only inspire you to keep going, but will also help you not get overwhelmed when thinking of the big picture.

Forgive Yourself for Your Mistakes

No one gets to the top without a few stumbles! When you do mess up or things don’t get to plan, don’t beat yourself up. Instead, forgive yourself and find the lesson to be learned in your foibles.

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