7 Healthy Habits to Be Happy

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7 Healthy Habits to Be Happy & Beautiful Inside and Out

Happiness is a state of mind. A state of mind that you own. And it's easier than you think to create healthy habits to be happy. 

Sure, things can happen to infringe on your happiness. Heartbreak. Job loss. Death. Illness.

But even despite those difficult things, you can still cultivate and try to own your own happiness. Find silver linings. See blessings in your life. Notice the moments of joy you do have.

Being happy starts with you.

Beauty is not too different from happiness.

Being beautiful isn’t about looking a certain way or dressing a certain way. It’s about owning who you are—from how you look to what you believe in. It’s embracing all of you—and not making any apologies for who you are and how you look. Curvy. Tall. Thin. Busty. Flat-chested. Big hips. No hips. Robust. Whatever you are—that is you! There is no one else like you on this planet, so own and love what makes you uniquely yourself.  

See? Feeling and “being” beautiful, starts with you.

To stay and find happiness and beauty within you and outside and around you, try these 7 healthy habits to be happy and beautiful, 24/7 (well, almost. Everyone deserves a cry fest now and then!)

Complimenting One Person You See Daily

Kindness radiates happiness, love and beauty! So, take it upon yourself to compliment one person daily. It doesn’t have to be the same person. It just has to be genuine and from the heart. Giving joy and kindness to others brings joy to you.

Smiling Even When You’re Faking It

As hard as this habit is, sometimes putting on a happy face makes you feel better! You also attract more people with a smile than a frown. Isn’t the saying you get more bees with honey than vinegar?

This doesn’t mean you should be fake and never own when you’re sad or down. It just means that putting on a happy face or even just smiling for a stranger can bestow happiness on yourself and others. You also look prettier with a smile than a fussy face!

Taking Good Care of Yourself

Good self-care is crucial to being happy and being and feeling beautiful!

Consider these things each day:

  • Are you eating well? Or are you binging on junk?
  • How are you sleeping?
  • Are you saying yes to too many people and things? Are you worn out?
  • Do you ever get “Me time?”

Caring for yourself is key to finding your happiness. When you’re completely worn and frail—there is nothing joyful or beautiful about that! If you’re exhausted and sleep-deprived, how sexy are those dark circles? If you’re hangry and grouchy, how happy and beautiful are you? If you’re viewing everyone as a giant Snickers bar, girl—get a meal! 

You can’t be anyone to anyone, if you’re not good to yourself, first!

Being Easy on Yourself

Do you forgive yourself when you mess up? Are you patient and understanding that you are a work in progress? If the answer is yes, congrats! That will make you happy—and in turn, that happiness makes you beautiful. Be kind to others but most certainly, be kind to yourself!

Practicing Mindfulness & Caring For Your Body

Partaking in yoga, meditation and/ or a mindfulness course will not only help your mind, but will in turn help your body. When you are in tune with the moment and focused, you are happier. That happiness equates to beauty!

Surrounding Yourself with Happy People

It’s sort of hard to be positive, happy and beautiful when you are around a group of negative people. Do a check of who’s in your circle. Are they positive? Do they have “Can-Do” attitudes? Are they forward-thinking and focused on their goals? Do they support you? Those are the people you want in your inner circle!

Complimenting Yourself

Forget picking yourself apart. That’s so old news.

Compliment yourself. Notice the things you do well.  Notice the things about your appearance that you love. Embrace all of these wonderful things and compliment yourself! Shower yourself with love. It is so important!

At the end of the day—you have to own your own happiness and appreciate everything that makes you, “You.” If you can’t do that—no one else can do it for you!

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