9 Ways to Make Lash Refill Day Indulgent

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Lash extensions are an absolute must, but they’re also a big expense. So, if you are a lash-aholic like the 
rest of us, you’re going to want to make those lash refill days indulgent! Not just because you’re
spending the money to look extra beautiful (you’re already gorgeous on the inside and out), but you’re
also spending money for the pampering and spa experience! Make the most of that refill day with these
9 suggestions.

1. Save Room in Your Schedule

Don’t rush your lash refill appointment! You’ll be screaming, twitching and winking the whole
appointment through. While it can be hard to squeeze everything in, making a lash appointment when
you’ve got to be somewhere else right on the dot after, is a big no-no! How will you relax feeling under
the gun? You won’t.

2. Bringing a Kid or Friend

Sometimes a lady can’t leave her kid at home. We get it. BUT … this is not the time to hear, “Momma,
Momma” even from the salon waiting room. Bringing a friend is also not a great idea unless the friend is
interested in getting extensions. In which case, bring a bestie!

3. Plug in Some Tunes

Put those ear buds in and listen to relaxing music while your technician is doing your lashes. Avoid big
headphones though as it could make your technician’s job too difficult.

4. Dab a Bit of Essential Lavender Oil at Your Pulse Points

Really want to relax? Let your stresses melt away with some lavender oil put on those pulse points
before your salon lash refill appointment. It will help you really relax so your technician can do the job
right, and you can get in a little rest and relaxation.

5. Schedule Some Relaxation Afterwards

After your lash refill, what should you do?
Something relaxing by yourself! Maybe take a walk, read a book, curl up with a good movie or have a
meal outside on a nice day. You could also invite a loved one or special person to enjoy the day or
evening. Make it a special day!

6. Watch Your Caffeine Intake Pre-Visit

Lash refill day is not the day to be chugging lattes and Red Bulls! You won’t be able to relax if you’re
cranked up on caffeine, so watch how much Joe you drink that day. Otherwise, you’ll be a twitchy mess
on the table for your lash technician. That’s just a recipe for lash-disaster.

7. Ask Questions First

If you’ve got any concerns about your lash refill, ask before you’re lying down and ready to go. This will
make your experience more pleasurable and will also make your technician’s job easier. If you feel you
may forget, write down your questions before arriving to your appointment!

8. Get in the (Right) Position

If you have back issues, let your technician know and see if there is a way he or she can make you more
comfortable during your appointment.

9. Time Your Appointment Right

Are your lashes behind a refill? Did you just have a bad run with your lash extensions? Let the salon
know before making your appointment, this way your technician has all the time needed to make your
lashes gorgeous again.

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