A Full Set of Lashes vs. Lash Refills: What Does it All Mean?

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A Full Set of Lashes vs. Lash Refills: What Does it All Mean?

Getting lash extensions is the best way to keep your peepers pretty, 24/7! We know—we’re pretty addicted, actually? So, when you’re first diving into the lovely world of lash extensions, all the terms can be a bit confusing, but we’re here to help! Let's dive in to the difference between a full set of lashes vs lash refills.

When it comes to the basics, there is a full set of lashes—and then there’s that absolutely necessary maintenance, lash refills. Remember those two words—full set and lash refills—as they will be key to keeping your lashes, lush-ous!

First, Up: The Full Set

A full set of lashes is what you get the very first time you step into a lash technician’s care. This set will cover your lash line with the style of lashes you pick out, whether cat-eye, natural or doll style. You will also have an in-depth convo with your technician to discuss your needs and go over your own natural eyelashes in themselves. Are they thin? Thick? Curly? Straight? What about your eye shape, eye spacing and face size? You may even get to look at photos the technician will have of customers and their various styles. He or she will chat with you as well about your general lifestyle and ability to budget getting lash refills (maintenance of your lash extensions) before putting on your very first full set of lashes!

Keep in mind that applying your full set of lashes will take some time—up to two hours to apply, depending on the look you chose and how your natural lashes are at the start. While it may be a long time, it is worth it and worth doing it right so you love your lashes!

Next, Up: The Lash Refill

Refilling your lashes is so important! If you don’t do proper maintenance, your natural lashes can be affected dramatically, so keep these things in mind:

A refill is:

  • Adding eyelash extensions on new lash hair growth
  • Removing overgrown or long extensions

While a full set of lashes could be about 60-120 lash extensions applied to each eye to start, a refill will be about 25-50 applied to each eye, all the while removing old extensions.

But why do I need a refill, anyway? Isn’t it expensive?

Lash extensions require maintenance and with that, you absolutely need lash refills every 2 weeks at least—no more than 3 weeks! Yes, this is an investment, but it’s one that makes you look beautiful and feel good, 365 days a year.

You need refills because:

  • Your eyelashes grow! Typically eyelashes grow and shed over a period of 2-3 months. As the lashes grow and fall out, the extension comes out too. Keep in mind that every person has a different growth cycle: some may grow more quickly than others.
  • Overtime, the adhesion on your extensions will weaken due to oil buildup on your lashes and lash growth, so to keep your natural lashes healthy and your extensions looking good, you need refills. Otherwise, if you leave them on too long the extensions can grow out and break your natural lashes! 

What happens when I go to get my lashes refilled?

The lash technician will:

  • Clean up your lash extensions on your eyes
  • Remove lashes that are falling out
  • Remove any “bad apples”—lashes that have poor bonding due to adhesion issues
  • Fill in with new lashes

Keep in mind you will typically get one refill after having your first full set of lashes on!

So—That Covers It!

We hope this little tutorial covers the difference between your first full set of lashes and your lash refills. Lash refills are super important—so don’t neglect them! 

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