Considering Microblading? Everything You Need to Know

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Whether you’ve got no brows, thin brows, lack an arch or just want shaping up, microblading is the way to go to make your brows look utterly gorgeous. But if you’ve never done it before and are considering if this is a beauty procedure to invest in, by all means, read further to get the deets on microblading:

1. What is it exactly, anyway?

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent tattooing that uses a fine-point needle rather than a tattoo gun. The need is made up of a handle and a disposable blade. This tool will scratch and put pigment under the skin to create your perfect brows. 

2. Will it work if I have no brows?

Yes! Microblading is perfect for anyone—whether you want a better arch or need eyebrows altogether. 

It really does not matter whether your eyebrows are blonde and fine, or whether you tweezed too much and were left with none. Even people with alopecia can “regain” their eyebrows after losing them, thanks to the beauty of microblading.

3. How does it work?

Typically, the technician will draw in the brows first to show you and then, use the tool to create your brows, almost creating tiny little cuts. After these precise cuts, the technician will put a pigment over these cuts. This whole process can take about an hour, so be prepared to sit back for a while! The tool uses very fine and precise strokes in order to create those lovely brows, so it is worth the wait to get it right.

4. Will the technician create the right color for my brows?

A professional will create a color that is uniquely you in order to add dimension to your eyebrows, so don’t worry—you won’t walk away with the wrong color eyebrows!

5. How long will my eyebrows last?

Unlike tattoos which are permanent, the pigment used in microblading is semi-permanent. Your body ends up metabolizing the pigment dye. This means that after your first appointment and often, one touch up and check in post- first appointment, your eyebrows can last from 1-3 years! Considering the length of time these eyebrows last, sitting for one hour is really nothing. Of course, microblading is not cheap! Expect it to cost anywhere from $500-2K!

6. Does it hurt?

Nope! If you’ve had your eyebrows threaded before, it feels rather similar.

Now that you’ve got some facts about microblading, here are some things to do post-microblade:

  • Don’t get your eyebrows wet or get too sweaty for about a week after your microblading appointment
  • Cover your eyebrows with ointment if you do end up exercising or doing anything where you could potentially sweat
  • Use an antibacterial ointment on your eyebrows for 24 hours after your appointment; after the first 24 hours, use Vaseline or Aquaphor or something similar for a week in case you form any scabs due to the microblading.

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