Good Self-Care Practices During COVID-19 and Always

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Good Self-Care Practices During COVID-19 & Always

If you can’t take good care of yourself, what good are you to anyone else, whether it’s a partner, friend, family member or coworker?

The love in your heart begins with you. How you treat yourself is a giant indicator in glowing neon lights to the universe about how you want others to treat you. Yes—that’s right. So, if you’re not taking good care of yourself you’re basically sending waves of energy to the world that you don’t deserve to be treated well or be happy. And we can’t have that now, can we?

That’s why it’s time to embrace and live good self-care practices, especially during a global health pandemic where nothing is certain, everything is up in the air and our normal way of live is spun on its head. Practicing good self-care is your tool to finding peace and solitude during any time, whether it’s a global pandemic, a run-in with your ex or a head-to-head with a boss.

Here are good self-care practices during covid-19 and always. Your sanity will thank you.

Learning to Say No

Oh boy. Women especially are horrible and I mean, terrible, at saying no. Men can be too, but women are socialized to please from an early age.

However, learning when to say no is a key self-care tool that will serve you well.

When you feel:

  • Overburdened
  • Stressed
  • Uncomfortable
  • Too Busy

Your mind and soul is saying, “Hell, no.”

If you have these four feelings surrounding something, anything, feel free to tell someone n-o. Being able to prioritize what you can and cannot do is the ultimate first step to taking care of yourself. You are not a bad person for telling someone no. You are not a monster for turning something or someone done. You are a boss babe or dude for prioritizing your time and resources, well.

Learn to say no.

Building Support & Asking for Help

A foolish person refuses the stretched out hand in front of him or her.

A smart person grabs on and lets him or herself be tugged to shore.

Create a support group of friends, family members, neighbors, gym buddies, and other lash-aholics. Whether it’s your best shopping sidekick or your little sister, having a crew of people to lift you up and be by your side is key. It doesn’t need to be a posse of peeps—it just has to be even 1 or 2 people you know have your back, 24/7.

Once you feel you’ve got that support, even if it’s one human being, (sorry, pets count as support but I’m pretty sure your Chihuahua can’t talk you out of a bad relationship, work or shopping decision) commit to asking for help when you need it.

Consider it this way: a smart CEO hires a good staff to manage what he or she thinks is necessary. Be a bad-ass CEO of your life: if you’re struggling with your job, workouts, relationships or life choices, why not seek outside help to get the job done the right way?

If we all knew everything, we wouldn’t need friends, teachers, scientists, inventors, faith or really anything, would we?

Finding a Quiet Space

If you’re house sharing or happen to be a parent, finding a quiet space is close to finding a unicorn or Santa Claus: almost impossible, but there’s still hope!

Pick a place or activity that gets you in that quiet zone.

Is it a warm bath? A walk outside? The beach? A local park? Your bedroom?

Pick 2-4 places where you feel you can quiet your mind and keep them in your metaphorical back pocket. This way when you’re feeling stressed, you can head to your quiet space to decompress.

Remembering to Eat and Sleep Well

Two basic simple good life habits: get enough sleep and eat well!

Are you resting enough during the day? Are you eating healthy and not binge eating or running on caffeine? Remembering to feed your body like you would a plant or baby is key to good self-care. No one would give a baby a bunch of Red Bull drinks. No one would forget to water a plant and expect it to live. If you don’t nourish yourself you cannot nourish another.

Good self-care starts with feeding yourself the right foods and remembering to pack it in and get some sleep!

Avoiding Negative People- Choosing a Happy Tribe

Practicing good self-care starts with choosing a good bunch of people to surround yourself with. How can you care for yourself if you’re involved with people who bring you down or are negative? You can’t.

Take a good sharp inventory of who you’re spending time with. Do these people lift you up?

If the answer is no, it’s time to move it along and find a better bunch.

Good self-care is key to surviving anything from a bad hair day to a global health pandemic. Don’t forget to be good to yourself. You have to love yourself first as the saying goes, or no one else can!

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