How to Clean Your Lash Extensions

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How to Clean Your Lash Extensions

If you just invested in a beautiful set of eyelash extensions and you’re completely addicted. Congrats and welcome to the club—we’ve been waiting for you! 🙌

If you’re an old pro at the lash extension game, that’s great too.

No matter where you are at your stage of lash extension addiction, knowing how to clean your lash extensions is crucial to keeping your eyelids healthy and your lashes on fleek, 24/7. This brief guide will tell you how to keep those peepers clean and your lashes, lush:

The First 24 Hours after Getting Your Extensions Done

This is the most crucial time period as the glue will be setting and you’ll have to be extra cautious with your lashes during those first 24 hours.

Above all, avoid water for the first 24 hours so your lashes set. You can still wash the rest of your face, but be careful around the eye area and avoid your lashes by all means!

Don’t even bother with eye makeup during this time as trying to remove that runs the risk of disrupting those new beauties from setting perfectly. Besides, who needs eye makeup when you have lashes to the sky?

Some Tips Before We Start Sodding Up.

1. Remember to Keep Your Hands Away From Your Eyes & Use Oil-Free Products

Whatever you do, don’t touch your eyes, especially when you first get your lashes on but also, in general. This is also good practice, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

When you touch your eyes, you add germs and oil to your lash line. Oil is not kind to your eyelash extensions, so don’t touch or tug!

 When removing any eye makeup in general, both during that 24 hour period and beyond, always use oil-free products:

  • Oil- free cleanser
  • Oil-free moisturizer—face oils, be damned!
  • Oil-free makeup remover

Oil will ruin the glue setting your lashes, simply put, so avoid it at all costs.

2. Cotton Pads & Swabs Are an Absolute No-No

When cleaning your eyes and eyelashes, cotton pads are now a huge no-no once you have lash extensions! 

Cotton pads and swabs can snag and rip out your lash extensions. Talk about a true tragedy! You are best off using clean fingers or a spoolie brush when gently cleaning extensions. 


Caring for your lashes is an absolute must. If you don’t clean your lash extensions and eyelids, you’re prone to getting Blepharitis, which is an ‘inflammation of the eyelid’ and can cause itchy and red eyelids. In short, if you don’t wash your eyelids correctly, dead skin cells build up on them and cause inflammation and itching because the hair follicles are blocked and irritated. This is not the same as an allergy, so please, be sure to clean your lashes properly with the following steps:

1.  Face, first: If wearing heavy face makeup, cleanse your face first, but avoid the eye area. Avoid using oil-based cleansers.

2. Wet & Lather: Wet your eyes with cold water and using a bit of lash shampoo, lather together on your palms and apply gently to one eye at a time, by splashing over them.

3. Splash, Don’t Rub: Don’t rub as if you’re scrubbing your scalp, just splash, splash and splash!

4. Still Feeling Icky?:  Repeat the steps above!

5. Cold Rinse & Dab: After you’ve done that, use cool water to rinse off and gently dab them dry.

6. Twirl & Fan: If your lashes are stuck together because they’re damp, it’s all good. Just brush gently with your lash wand to twirl them through and fan back out. Voila—gorgeous!

No matter what your beauty routine, don’t forget to do this at least 2-3 times a week and when cleaning your lash-ous investment, be sure to avoid side-to-side rubbing motions. Your lash extensions will thank you!

If you want more tips on keeping your lashes looking fab check our our Ultimate Guide to Caring for Your lash Extensions.

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