In’s and Out’s of Lash Lifts and Tints

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In's and Out's of Lash Lifts and Tints

Lash extensions. Eyebrow Threading. Microblading. Lash Lifts and Tints.

There are so many different things when it comes to beauty and your brows and lashes—way more than
your mom had back in the seventies
. We’ve covered microblading and just about everything you need to
know regarding lash extensions, but what about lash lifts and tints?

Lash lifts and tints are a whole other ball game! So, let’s get started and learn everything we need to
know about this popular beauty routine that has lashes looking luscious in a little over an hour!

If you’ve ever wanted to wake up looking like your lashes are curled and mascara-made up already, lash
lift and tint is for you!

Consider a lash lift and tint like getting a perm for your lashes, minus the smell of the perms of the
eighties—and frizz! A lash lift and tiny will alter the overall shape and color of your own eyelashes. I
mean, how many people are born with eyelashes that curl up? Not many, which is why lash lifts and
tints are so popular. It gives your lashes that curl and look you want, without having to do much at all.

It Boosts Your Own Lashes

When you get a lash lift, your lashes are essentially set into place and curled upwards with chemicals
similarly used in hair perms. This then boosts each of your individual lashes before tinting your lashes to
be darker, thicker and longer looking.

Some salons do what is called a keratin lash lift, which is the same procedure as a regular perming lash
lift, but it adds protein into your eyelashes at the same time.

What Is It Like Getting a Lash Lift?

You will lie down on a bed, typical to how it would be if you’re getting an eyebrow wax, but your eyes
have to stay closed during the whole appointment. Your technician will place a pad made of silicone on
your eyelids while the lashes are lifted. The technician will then apply a serum onto them as well, and
finally mold your lashes onto the shield to create their shape. Voila—lifted!

What About The Tint Part?

Well, we certainly can’t forget the tint because that makes your lashes darker and thicker looking!

After the technician molds your lashes using the shield, he or she will apply the lash tint.

To seal your new lash look, your salon expert will add a final serum typically made of keratin onto your
lashes to strengthen them.

Does it Hurt?

Lash lifts don’t hurt, but they can be uncomfortable. The worst case scenario, your eyes may tear a
bit—but you will survive and look gorgeous after!

Drum Roll Please: What Happens After That?

Ok, so you’ve gotten your lash lift and tint … how do you care for your lashes after and will it damage
your lashes in the long run?

The good news is, no. A lash lift and tint will not damage your lashes as long as the person who does it
for you is an expert. Many people end up caring for their lashes more so than they had before, after
getting a lash lift and tint. Many experts recommend using coconut oil to help keep your lashes
moisturized after this procedure and just like with eyelash extensions, the first 48 hours after getting
your lift and tint are crucial.

Remember to:

  • Avoid water on your lashes
  • Don’t apply any mascara
  • Stay away from activities that make you sweat a lot like going to the sauna, spa or exercising

Once the 48 hours have passed, be sure to brush your lashes out morning and night and use a good lash
serum after. You can also use coconut oil, which is natural and cheap!

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