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Pros and cons to lash extensions

You’ve been contemplating lash extensions for such a long time. After all, you’re not super impressed with your current lash sitch … and have been debating over what to do. Lash serums? Fake lashes? Lash extensions? I mean, you’ve tried every mascara known to Sephora-kind. There isn’t any brand you haven’t tried, or formula you haven’t given a test run. Maybe it’s time to invest in a pair of fluttery, utterly gorgeous lashes?

Here are some pros and cons to consider when making the plunge into a deep lash addiction. Because once you start, there’s no stopping…

Pro #1

Bye-Bye Mascara

The tube runs out. The tube dries out. The mascara runs after a workout or sob-fest. The mascara smudges after a make out session or, just rubbing your eyes. Thanks, allergies.

This formulation irritates your contacts. That formulation doesn’t really thicken. This brand lengthens but doesn’t curl. This one curls, but doesn’t lengthen.

Enough of the mascara, drama!

Lash extensions mean waking up and looking awake and beautiful from minute number one! 

Your lash technician can apply them so they’re curled, long, and thick or whatever combination you want. You can add dimension to the outer corner, middle or inner corner of your eyes, no goopy mascara needed.

This is ONE huge pro!

Con #1

Price of Beauty

While mascara can run anywhere from $8- averaging $30 (or more!), lash extensions are a bigger investment.

Number one—some salons may charge you more depending on who applies your lashes. For example, a senior tech versus a less experienced technician.

Number two—in addition to getting your extensions put on the first time, you will need to go back every 2- 3 weeks for fills. This does add up.

Ultimately, you have to decide what works best for your budget.

Pro #2

No Waiting Game

Maybe you’ve decided that mascara isn’t cutting it, but growth serums take forever or aren’t producing the results you want.

Now here come lash extensions, giving you instant results, 24/7, no matter the occasion or weather.

Con #2

Big Upkeep

You want to look beautiful, eh? Well, you’re going to have to invest time and appointments to do so. First, there is your first set and then, subsequent fills every 2-3 weeks.

Then, you’ve got to be mindful of the products you use on your face and eyes, and be sure to care and wash your lash extensions appropriately. Like any other investment, you’ve got to be diligent and careful in order to extend the life of your eyelash extensions and also, keep your eyelids healthy.

 Overall though, it’s not a daily grind so if you love the look, it’s worth the effort as you’ll look selfie-ready on the drop of a dime.

Pro #3

Always Looking Good

Whether you’ve got a full face of flawless foundation or you’re running to the gym with not a trace of makeup, you will look good—and awake! Lash extensions have that amazing power of opening up your eyes and face so you can look gorg, no matter what.

Con #3

Haste Makes Serious Waste

If you aren’t conscientious about caring for your lash extensions, you can cause damage. First, to your natural lashes and second, to your eyelids. Poor care for your extensions can give you blepharitis, which is an annoying and itchy inflammation of the eyelid.

Overall, lash extensions are a wonderful investment that you will love if you feel that you’re ready to go for it! Just be careful when caring for your lashes and eyes, and enjoy throwing away those mascara bottles! They promised way too much anyway, and never really delivered. Now you’ve got lashes to die for, thanks to extensions!

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