Step Up Your Lash Extensions With a Lash Curl

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Step up your extensions with a lash curl

There are so many reasons to love your lash extensions. No need for eye makeup! No more messy
mascara! Looking gorgeous upon waking up each day! Check, check and check. It doesn’t matter what
type of look you have—they’re an investment that makes you feel pretty, inside and outside. That's why you have to try lash extensions with a lash curl. This will give you a custom lash look that will have people swooning over your new look.

First, there’s the style of your extensions, which is usually based on your eye shape, eye spacing (wide or
narrow-set) and size of your face. Most people opt for one of three looks: cat-eye, doll or natural
looking eyelashes depending on the factors mentioned formerly, as well as their personal style
preference. But what about lash curls?

Lash curls add some extra fabulousness to your lash extensions. The great part about lash curls is that it
creates a look that is uniquely your own. A professional lash stylist and technician will be able to work
with you to create the gorgeous lashes of your dreams.

The most common lash curls available on the market today are the C -Curl, D -Curl and L- Curl. What you
choose will ultimately be based on your desired look, much like the general lash extension placement
is—cat-eye, doll or natural.

First up…the C-Curl

C -Curl—A More Naturally Uplifting Curl

Don’t want to be overly dramatic? Go for the C-Curl! This curl is soft, but still uplifting, so it will make
your lash extensions more unique, but not in an extremely dramatic way. If you’re also just hesitant to
adding a curl and trying for the first time, the C-Curl is the way to go. You can always go a more dramatic
and noticeable route in the future.

Second, the D- Curl…

D-Curl—D is for Dramatically Awake

Need to look more refreshed, lively and awake? The D- Curl is for you then! The D-Curl offers a tight curl
look so you look bushy-tailed and wide-eyed. You won’t look like a cartoon character of course! And in
fact, you will look downright lovely. This dramatic curl is a must.

Lastly, the L-Curl…

L-Curl—L is for Lifting Up

This lash curl pick works really well for people who have downward slanting or straight-slanting lashes.
It’ll create a gorgeous full lift to help you battle those straight old lashes!

L+- Curl—Lift, Lift, Lift Away

This is just like the L-Curl, but with even more upward lift!

In addition to the C, D, L and L+ Curl, here are a few more:

J Curl: Another natural option, this follows the curve of your natural lashes.

B Curl: This is an uplifting curl—but subtly so. A gentle curl!

U Curl: This is a super dramatic, doll-like look that works well on downward sloping eyes.

TIP! When Picking Your Curl, Don’t Forget:

Choose a length that’s no longer than approximately 2-3mm longer than your own lashes, otherwise the
weight of your extensions
and curl could be way too much on your natural eyelashes.

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