Strip/Fake, Magnetic and Eyelash Extensions, Oh My!

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Strip/Fake, Magnetic and Eyelash Extensions, Oh My!

If you’re ready to make your lashes lovely but you don’t know which route to take—strip/fake, magnetic
or extensions, you’ve come to the right destination, darling! While each option gives you a shot at
looking extra gorgeous, they all come with certain pros and cons. Let’s explore these options further you
can decide which lash-ous option to choose for your peepers.

Fake & Strip Lashes

So, here’s the scoop on fake lashes.

You can get them very easily, often at your corner drugstore and online. This is a serious “pro” as it
makes it easy for you to find and get them. You attach them to your eyelid with glue (lash glue, not
Elmer’s!) and they’re only to be worn for a short period of time—max, a few hours.

You definitely have to remove these babies at the end of the day. Fake lashes can also be called strip lashes. These easy to use and temporary lashes come in a lot of different shapes and styles, making it fun and easy to
experiment. They’re also fairly cheap.

The good thing is that even though they’re only for temporary wear, you can reuse these fake lashes more than once if you care for them well. That would mean soaking them in water and gentle soap or makeup cleanser, and using a spoolie to brush through. To be extra careful about cleanliness, you can also brush through with rubbing alcohol.

Overall Pluses of Fake Lashes:

  • Easy to find
  • Cheap
  • Variety of styles to choose from
  • Easy to apply

The overall “con” of these lashes are that they don’t last long and may not look as natural as say,
eyelash extensions. Some also would say another con to fake or strip lashes is that you could
accidentally pull your own lashes out when using these.

Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are ultra-glam and gorgeous, not to mention that once you’ve got them on, they
require minimal effort to look good. You will of course, have to clean them, brush them and get them
maintained by a professional lash technician. You must also avoid certain oils on your face—using oil-
free makeup remover, face wash and moisturizer only. Caring for your extensions definitely is a labor of

Because extensions aren’t applied with glue or a lash band, they look very natural unless you create a
style of lash extension that is super wild and unique. You’ll never need mascara or really any eye
makeup as you’ll always look ready to go, 24/7!

Overall Pluses of Eyelash Extensions:

  • Looking gorgeous upon waking up
  • Not fake looking--- unless you really want them to be
  • Lasts much longer than fake/strip lashes
  • Applied professionally, so it’s suitable for your eye shape and face shape

The cons to eyelash extensions are the cost and upkeep. Typically, after getting your full set of lash
on, you’ll need to go back every 2-3 weeks to the salon for refills, depending on your natural
lash growth cycle. Getting extensions and maintaining them aren’t cheap either, so it’s definitely an

Magnetic lashes

Magnetic lashes are a relatively new trend—a few years old—but they come with perks that fake/strip
lashes don’t have.

For one, magnetic lashes are easier to apply and you typically don’t run the risk of pulling out your own
lashes in the process. These types of lashes are good for adding extra volume and length if you choose a
half-strip of magnetic lashes, but you can also apply a full strip. They’re not as cheap as fake lashes, but
they won’t break the bank like eyelash extensions can!

Overall Pluses of Magnetic Lashes:

  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Super easy to use
  • Won’t pull out your natural lashes when applying

The cons to magnetic lashes are that they won’t look as full typically as fake lashes or lash extensions.
They also aren’t as hearty as fake lashes and can be prone to coming off. If you’re really active, these
may not be the lashes for you.

Wrapping it Up

Now that you know the key differences between these styles, consider your budget, lifestyle, ability to
apply lashes to begin with and overall commitment to maintenance before choosing which way to look

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