Tips for the Perfect Eyebrow Shape for Your Face Shape

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Tips for the Perfect Eyebrow Shape for Your Face Shape

The eyebrows are certainly one part of your face that says so much without saying a single word! And truly, while trends change and beauty evolves, eyebrows go right along with the fashions, year by year and decade by decade! From the big and beautiful brows in the eighties a’ la Brooke Shields, to the over tweezed barely-there brow of the nineties … brows have their stages, too!

With that said, whether fashion trends dictate a big old bushy brow or a super thin one, that doesn’t mean you should go with the trends blindly! Your face shape is the one guide you should always use when picking your brow shape. Here are a few tips to help you find an eyebrow shape that enhances your outer (and inner!) beauty:

Your Brows Shouldn’t Do ALL the Talking

If you’ve got a petite face, don’t go full out mega brow as it will take over your face. 

But keep the opposite in mind as well: if you have a very full face, choosing to have super thin eyebrows is also a no-no.

Make sure you keep your overall face size in mind before tweezing, waxing or microblading!

Keep in Mind Your Brow Color

Be mindful of the color of your eyebrows as well. 

Are they too dark or too light? Light eyebrows can “disappear” and so, a bit of eyebrow pencil, powder, tattooing or microblading could add definition to your eyebrows, eyes and face.

If your eyebrows are super dark, this can also be a bit harsh.

Don’t forget your eyebrow shade when working on crafting your perfect brow shape!

Don’t Be Matchy-Matchy

Do you have a square face? Then add an arch to your eyebrows. If your eyebrows are too straight, it will just make you look more squared off.

If you have a long face, avoid a high-set brow as it’ll make you look even longer in the face.

Are you rather round? If you have a round shape, avoid rounded brows, and go for a nice arch to help give you a more oval appearance.

Your Natural Shape Does the Work

Before choosing the brow look you want, take a look at your natural eyebrow shape. This should dictate what you plan to do with your eyebrows. 

Some More Brow Tips:

These brow shapes tend to work the best for particular face shapes:

  • An arch towards tail or end of eyebrow: This shape is a round faced girl’s BFF
  • A mega-high arch: This shape is very dramatic, so be mindful of that; oval or square faces can work this look
  • A really long tail end: This shape is beautiful and dramatic, but if you’ve got naturally short eyebrows- well … it won’t be easy
  • A slight arch—very natural look: This shape can be worn by anyone, but if you have a square shaped face, be mindful that if the brow is too flat, your face will be too square
  • A round arch: This is nice for oval, heart or square shaped faces
  • No arch: This type can work on any face … minus square-shaped faces
  • A tapered tail-arch: This shape works for many faces, but may not be easy to pull off unless your brows are normally much thicker and then, taper off towards the tail ends
  • A short and thick eyebrow: This shape is useful for most faces but works best if your eyebrows are already short and thick naturally

No matter what you choose, just remember these quick and dirty tips:

  • Mind your face shape
  • Mind your brow color
  • Mind your natural eyebrow shape to begin with

And don’t forget your overall face size!

If you need help achieving the brow shape of your dreams you might also consider microblading. You can achieve amazing results when you work with an expert. 

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